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YOU Want To Do IT

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In order to truly achieve anything, you have to have the drive to do so. There's a limit to how far one can get by forcing themselves into doing things just for the sake of doing them. This approach may yield you “success” by definition, but you will never actually be satisfied with what you have accomplished, and neither will it yield any true value to you.

Do something because you genuinely want to do it not because someone else is doing it. Do something because you gain value from it. What is best for you may not be best for everyone else.

You Have A Reason To Do It

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It is often hard to determine if you should do something or not. An easy way to see if you have a reason to do something is to look for your motivation.

Motivation simply is the reason why you want to do something.

I split motivation into two different types:

  • Type 1 — You are motivated while you are working towards X goal

Any other form of motivation is not ideal and will not actually help you reach your goal.

You Set Realistic Goals To Do It

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  • Setting goals helps clarify what you are trying to achieve. Often we have a vague idea of what we want to accomplish in our heads, but actually listing it down in the form of a goal can help it make more sense.



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🏫 Highschooler in the Bay Area 🥇10+ hackathons 🎯Startups 🔗Looking to connect 🏎Formula 1